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Hybrid Hernia Repair Device

The new hernia-repair category

In the past, surgeons have had to make tough decisions for complex routine cases: either use a synthetic mesh, which could result in severe complications, or use a biologic graft, which can be costly and may require reintervention.

The hybrid category is your third option. Zenapro allows you to help a patient who could benefit from lasting reinforcement but whose procedure may be too complex for synthetic mesh.

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Cook Medical

Product profile

Cook Medical
  • Manufacturer: Cook Medical
  • 510K approval: Yes
  • CE approval: Yes
  • Model Number: G35476 , G23772 , G35477 , G23771 , G35479 , G23770 , G35114
  • Product Type: Medical/surgical supplies
  • Product Subtype: Tissue implant products, collagen
  • Product Description:

    The Cook Zenapro Hybrid Hernia Repair Device is intended to be implanted to reinforce soft tissues where weakness exists. Indications for use include the repair of a hernia or body wall defect requiring the addition of a reinforcing or bridging material to obtain the desired surgical result. The device is supplied sterile and is intended for one-time use.

  • Specialty:General, bariatric, colorectal, and plastic surgery